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The human body was meant to move!

True health and fitness is having the ability to move well, with strength, complexity, and creativity--running, jumping, swinging, crawling, climbing. We use parkour and natural movement to help you reclaim your body & rediscover just how fun movement and fitness can be!

Make the city your gym!

Treadmills and weigh-machines aren't the solution to a sedentary lifestyle: you have to be able to use your body in any environment you are in, not just the gym! We take our classes outside, into the city and nature, and use everything from benches and curbs to trees and rocks to help us in building strength, mobility, and a movement practice for life.

Hybrid Fitness

We are a hybrid movement studio, drawing not only from parkour and natural movement, but yoga, calisthenics, capoeira, dance, and more. Our goal isn't necessarily to train the fastest runner or strongest competitor, but rather well-rounded and fully capable movers! 

Follow Your Path

Whether you are barely able to do a push up or a seasoned and strong athlete, our team will meet you where you are (point a) and work with you to achieve your goals (point b). And, while our classes will push and challenge you, they are also progressive and safe. We believe in working with your body, not against it!




New Classes!

Check out our schedule for the new line up, but by mid-may we will have classes for adults five days a week and kids classes on Saturday and Sunday!

Mondays - Strength Through Movement

Wednesdays - Parkour Tech Tune-up & Flow

Saturdays - Primal Movement

Sundays - Bulletproof Body

Yoga-Move Workshop

May 21 | 1PM | Church Street
$35 or Free for Warrior/Master Mover Memberships. 12 spaces, so please pre-register!

Join us for our pilot workshop of Yoga Move! Yoga Movement combines elements of the art of yoga and parkour, introducing practitioners of either discipline to the techniques of the other. Students will work through Vinyasa flows and movement challenges on and off their mat. As the session progresses they will create a space to overcome obstacles presented before them, explore dynamic movements both individually and collectively, and learn to play in their environment in a whole new way

Monthly Beginners Jam

May 20 | 11AM | East River Ampitheater
FREE, Donations accepted

Come out and get a taste of parkour, play, and our community. First timers & beginners welcome! Bring a friend, or two! Cost: FREE! This is a1.5 hour session that will teach you some of the basics of parkour and get you moving on your own before the day is out.


Womens Parkour Meetup

May 21 | 11AM | Riverside Park
FREE, Donations accepted

All ages and abilities welcome to join. This monthly meetup starts with a group warm up, followed by a 101 on striding, jumping, vaulting, and other precision movements, and finishing with open training. 

Beast Coast Workshops

May 27-28 | Washington DC

Beast Coast is the world's largest annual parkour event. Come play on our 200,000+ Square foot Parkour Park at Gateway Park in Rosslyn, VA. Hosted by American Parkour! Keep an eye out for Movement Creative instructors, who will be leading guest workshops at the event!