What is Parkour?

Parkour is a discipline of movement and self-improvement that teaches us how to overcome any obstacle efficiently and creatively. Using natural movements such as running, jumping, and climbing, we explore our city and our potential. Parkour enables children and adults to play without the need for fancy equipment, expensive gym memberships, or dedicated playgrounds.

Any Age

Play is a critical component of living a healthy life, not just in childhood but at all ages.

Any Level

As a parkour practitioner, you set your own challenges and choose how far you wish to go.

Any Place

The city is your playground; parks, scaffolding, benches, and stairs are all platforms to explore movement.

Any Time

You don't need a gym, or even good weather, to get out and move. The city is open 24/7.

Diversity in movement

The Movement Creative a collaborative community with diverse backgrounds: teachers, business leaders, stay-at-home parents, graphic designers, programmers, architects, doctors, lawyers, elite athletes, kids, teens, and more. We come together to co-create the challenges we face, the classes we run, and the community in which we participate.


Dedicated Leadership

We are more than just instructors, we are leaders in our community, dedicated to advancing the discipline of parkour, improving our city, and awakening people to the power they have within. Our goal is to give our students the tools they need to tackle the challenges they face both in movement and in life.