In honor of our 10th year of jamming around Michigan, we are reorganizing and pushing this event to be bigger and better than it ever has been before.  We have been working hard during the months leading up to this event to make it the best it can be!  Some of the key highlights of this event include:


Workshops & Talks

Michigan Parkour is bringing in talented and interesting coaches from across the country to share their insights and approaches to movement.


Group Challenges

Kicking off the weekend we will be trying our hand at a few group activities, focused on breaking the ice and getting everyone moving together!


Open Jamming

Staying true to our roots and the reason behind gathering, there will be plenty of time open for free training & exploration at some of Michigan's best spots!


Movie Night

We will be screening a movie (vote on facebook)
Saturday evening as everyone eats, relaxes, and rests up for the following day's activities.