Movement Creative

Program Overview

The Movement Creative apprenticeship is an intense but fun 12 week program for anyone interested in fast tracking the development of their abilities to teach Parkour and movement to others. It is an excellent course for both those with and without teaching experience

  • If you DO NOT experience prior with teaching, this apprenticeship will provide a solid foundation upon which you can grow.
  • If you DO have experience prior with teaching, this apprenticeship will help refine your teaching voice, expand your knowledge set, and expose you to new teaching methods and practices that will help you deliver classes with confidence and style.


  1. Be 18 years of age (exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis)
  2. At least 2 years of Parkour experience (or in a relevant movement discipline)
  3. Able to attend one class a week
  4. A completed application
  5. A passion to teach and be a better teacher

Application Deadline is March 17th.


An In-depth Look

March 21 - June 6
Mondays / 6-9 PM
Various locations
Lead by TMC Founders & Visiting Experts

The Movement Creative Apprentice Program is a 12 week college-style course designed to give you a comprehensive teaching & parkour education that will get you into the classroom and teaching with confidence.  It is composed of 10 instructional days, 1 review day, and 1 exam day, as well as a variety of other opportunities and features. 

Application Deadline is March 17th.

Program Features:

Weekly classes including lectures, discussions, and activities
Readings, Videos, and Written Resources
Shadowing and assisting Instructors with classes
Shadowing Instructors with private clients
Managing your own private client
Study of proven teaching methods & practices
Study of Parkour progressions, cues, and critical information
Development of personal coaching style & voice
Optional, supplemental workshops, continuing ed, and events

The Average Week

If you are accepted into the program, and you commit to attending, your weekly commitment will look as follows:

  • One 3 hour core-class per week
  • 1-2 hours of observing/assisting
  • 1-2 hours of homework
  • Optional Team Training!


We are seeking a group of apprentice instructors that are dedicated to become better at their craft.  To get the most out of this program, we have laid out the expectations below in terms participation.

  1. Come with a beginners mind set -- Coming ready to learn, debate, and engage with others, being prepared to question and reflect honestly on your own assumptions and abilities.
  2. Attend the 10 core classes, review, and exam.
  3. Make a sincere effort on all of the assignments and turn in your assignments on time
  4. Maintain a teaching journal, which will be provided to you at the start of the course

Completing the Course


This apprenticeship is a comprehensive Parkour & Teacher education program.  It is an opportunity to jump-start your teaching skills and enhance your knowledge of Parkour.  We will get you into the classroom early on, building confidence with your teaching, through the management of your own private client, as well as assisting and leading courses in schools and outdoors.

  • An amazing teaching & parkour education!
  • Classroom and private client experience
  • 1-1 career coaching sessions 
  • Access to our:
    • Instructor Guidebook
    • Monthly Leadership Email
    • Curriculum Tools 
    • Sample Lesson Plans
    • Additional Readings & Resources

Areas of Knowledge

  • Demonstrate a depth of knowledge of Parkour Content, includes but not limited to terminology, principles, concepts, anatomy, techniques, and skills, as well as awareness of current trends, movement relationships, sequencing, and teaching styles.
  • Work confidently with different student demographics, includes how to accommodate various ages, abilities, fitness levels, special populations, and medical needs.
  • Identify safety & risk in the classroom; includes measures to mitigate and minimize unacceptable risk, and ways to safely introduce acceptable risk into the classroom.
  • Develop exciting, clear, and coherent lesson plans; for all ages, as well as for schools, outdoor classes, and private clients.
  • Manage the classroom; Includes managing different group sizes, activity transitions, disruptive students, and routines established for classes
  • Design, Build, and Utilize any equipment or space to teach 
  • Communicate clearly your ideas and instructions
  • Use cues, games, and assessment to deliver fun and cohesive lessons
  • Provide effective feedback to help students and fellow instructors in their own education

An important thing to note:

Successfully passing this course should not mark the end of your journey but the start.  This program will provide you with the necessary skills, tools, and methods to get you confidently teaching in the classroom, but there is so much more that we won’t be able to cover in our short 12 weeks together.   We encourage all of our apprentices to continue studying, researching, and experimenting in the years to follow, dedicating themselves to their practice and their students.