The Art of Play

Mixing Art projects with movement education & global awareness

This twelve week program is centered around the development and creation of student-driven art projects that incorporate fitness and parkour.  Selected projects will be brought to life on school grounds, and presented at the end of the course.

Additionally, Hoboken Charter School will be partnering up with a school in South Africa to exchange conversation, design ideas, and feedback over the course of the program.  This process will have students exploring how different lifestyles and cultures almost might have different ways of thinking about and approaching design for their communities.


12 week program with 2 sessions a week.  Equipment and coaching provided by The Movement Creative.

Your Instructors

  Melanie Hunt   High School Teacher & Parkour Athlete

Melanie Hunt
High School Teacher & Parkour Athlete

  Jesse Danger   Parkour Instructor & Owner

Jesse Danger
Parkour Instructor & Owner


In Depth

This 12-week after-school program will engage students physically, creatively, and socially through art, fitness, and cultural exchange.

Parkour & Fitness

Part of the program will have students improving their movement and fitness skills through independent physical challenges and collaborative games. Students will:

  • Learn or hone parkour fitness skills (e.g. climbing, balancing, vaulting, jumping and swinging) from top-rated parkour coaches in the USA
  • Experiment with new and challenging movements
  • Apply and test their skills on their own and as a team in a variety of exciting settings.

Art Projects

Using their experiences with Parkour, students will partner up and be challenged to develop an art project for their school community that incorporates play and fitness.

  • Learn the principles of art design.
  • Use these discovered design principles to generate designs for an art installation that is playful, accessible, and intergenerational.
  • Test various designs with their peers
  • Receive feedback from their students, students in our partnered school in South Africa, and local artists.
  • Vote and build selected designs from the group!

Cultural Exchange

Three times during the program, we will host a design-idea exchange with a school in South Africa, developed through our partnership with H20 for Life.