Inspired by the city, POP-UP Playground is a modern playground system that can turn any space into a place of play for all ages.  

POP-UP is Modular & Portable

Composed of loose and lightweight parts, the entire basic system can be handled by a child, assembled with minor instruction, and disassembled to fit into the trunk of a sports car.  Every piece is built to fit within a consistent sizing system for ease of construction and redesign!  It is the perfect playground for both the dense city living, as well as the sprawling suburbs.

POP-UP is for All Ages

The wide variety of configurations available allows for the design of both age-specific spaces and intergenerational ones.  From large to small, geometric or artistically chaotic, the pop-up system can respond to the movement interests of any participant.

POP-UP is easy to build but sturdy!

The primary structure is composed of steel pipe and connected with kee klamps, which need nothing more than an allen wrench to tighten into place.  No single component in the basic system weighs more than 10 pounds., and can be assembled in less than fifteen minutes.  

The pipe, clamps, and other connections are also galvanized, and the wood is all pressure treated and sanded smooth, making this playground weather resistant and perfect for a year-round backyard ensemble!