We have the most unique summer camps in NYC, mixing parkour with STEM learning projects!  From designing games to building playgrounds, your kids will have an unforgettable week.

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Single Week = $600

2 Weeks = $1,160.00 ($580.00 each)

3 Weeks = $1,680.00 ($560.00 each)

4 Weeks = $2,160.00 ($540.00 each)

5 Weeks = $2,600.00 ($520.00 each)

6 Weeks = $3,000.00 ($500.00 each)

7 Weeks = $3,360.00 ($480.00 each)

8 Weeks = $3,680.00 ($460.00 each)

9 Weeks = $3,960.00 ($440.00 each)

10 Weeks = $4,200.00 ($420.00 each)

11 Weeks = $4,400.00($400.00 each)

12 Weeks = $4,560.00 ($380.00 each)

13 Weeks = $4,680.00 ($360.00 each)

14 Weeks = $4,760.00 ($340.00 each)

15 Weeks = $4,800.00 ($320.00 each)


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2018 Summer Camp

 Art & Anatomy through Parkour!

Learn the basics of drawing and human anatomy through movement!  During this camp, kids will learn parkour and learn how the muscles and bones in the body come together to help them do it!  Even better, they will walk away with notebook full of drawings on the body.  Designed in collaboration with local art instructors & middle school educators.

Parkour Adventure & Orienteering

Use parkour to learn basic orienteering and wayfinding skills, as well as concepts in geography and map making!  During this camp, kids will use parkour to explore their city, understand geography better, and to read and draw maps!  At the end of the week they will have seen several different parks in NYC, as well as drawn their own maps! (Not to mention done a ton of parkour!).  Designed in collaboration with a local amateur cartographer & middle school educators.

Parkour Playground Design-Build Camp

Mixing architecture with parkour, Students will spend a week exploring their built environment, studying the principles of playground and architectural design, and applying those lessons by designing a playground for all ages. Last year our campers' built their final playground designs on Governors Island during the annual Come Out and Play Festival!


 Parkour Camp & Game Design

From day one, students will be immersed in the study and practice of game design, systems thinking, and, of course, parkour! Over the course of the week they will learn not only what makes a game great, but also how to lay the groundwork to create a game of their own. Students will engage in movement, design, discussion, and play-testing. By the end of the week each group will showcase a game they designed that not only is fun to play, but also gets its players stronger, faster, and fitter! Designed in collaboration with a local architectural designer & middle school educators.