I'm a beginner, where do I start?

Unless otherwise noted, all of our classes are designed to accomodate ALL levels. We believe in the importance of students working together across all abilities, building body empathy as well as inspiring and being inspired by other movers. So, start anywhere! Pick a class and come on out!

What should I wear / bring to class?

Sneakers, comfortable clothes you can move around in, water.

Please remove all jewelry before class, especially earrings.

Can I come late?

If you're not early, you're late!

We will always respect your time by starting and finishing on time. See being prompt and managing time as a part of training!

If it's your first time, plan to arrive 15 minutes early. Use the extra time to sign in, meet your instructor, unplug from the day, and stretch. We highly recommend reserving a spot and signing a waiver online before hand.

If you are running late, please call ahead. If you are more than 10 minutes late to a class, you will not be able to enter.

Where does 'x' class meet?

Since all of our classes are outdoors at different locations, we undrestand that sometimes there might be confusion your first time out. Check the map, which will have a precie pin dropped, and look for a coach wearing a Movement Creative Shirt. Coaches also post signs up near where they are training

If you still cant find us--give us a call at 917.969.7473



How do I sign up?

Cancellations / Holds / Switching

Does my punch-card expire?