If you have any questions, please email us right away at michigan.jam@gmail.com


While this is a free event we request that you please register so that we can have the best idea of how many people will be attending and what additional accommodations we need to make.

Register Here!!

Directions from the Airport

There is a shuttle available from the Airport, but you must book a spot on the Michigan Flyer website.

If you are confused or if you have any questions, please contact us directly and we will help you!

Housing and Food

Housing will be provided for FREE at the Phoenix Freerunning Academy on Saturday.  If you are coming early, contact us and we can help you find a place with a member of our community.  There will also be some food available at Sarday's dinner for free, though we do accept donations as we cover this event out of pocket.

Getting to Michigan

We have set up a Rideshare program. Use these links:

1. See if someone is coming from your hometown. 


2. Connect with someone in your area or offer up your car!


This is the map of people coming to the jam (here is link as well), PLEASE find someone to carpool with (hover the mouse over).


And this is a list of attendants (link), please find their email to get in touch to carpool, saving the environment :)