Introduction to AcroBalance

  • 20A Evans Rd New York, NY, 10004 United States

with Stephanie Maceiras & Alan Fleming

his hour long class is an introduction to acrobalancing followed by a jam session where students can play with the ideas they just learned. Beginners are welcome. The focus will be on 'counter balancing' and how to use your weight to hold your partner up. After a short warmup we will break into groups of three or four and take turns in one of three roles: base, flyer, and spotter. The base acts as a platform for the flyer. The flyer gets off the ground and onto the platform create hile the spotter(s) provide guidance and security ensuring that both base and flyer chieve and ome out of the counterbalance safely.

About your coaches:

 lan & Stephanie were first introduced to partner acrobatics through Circus Acrobatics and AcroYoga, respectively. They have since studied with leading Acrobatics instructors across the US and in Europe. Their specific interests lie in combining the ease and efficiency of Acrobatics with the creativity of other movement disciplines.