Max has been training parkour since 2007 and is an active force as both an athlete and instructor in the international parkour community. Max has traveled around the United States, Canada, and Europe for various workshops, projects, and parkour short films and loves sharing his passion for movement with like-minded folks around the globe! He is known for both his technical and precise style and the power in his jumps and flips. When Max is not out training or teaching, you can find him singing barbershop, playing the banjo, or reading comics and travel books!

Notable Clients: American Eagle, SMART Car live performance, Asics, Hulu, Red Bull Art of Motion competitor, Nerf, NBA (Detroit Pistons), "Tracers" film stunt double

Height: 5'9"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 165lb

Shirt: Medium
Pants: 32x32
Shoe: 10 US