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      18 - 20 September          |          It's our 10th anniversary!

2016 IS A BIG YEAR. It is the 10th Annual Michigan Parkour National Jam (Facebook link). If you have never attended this event before, here are a few quick things you should know about Parkour as a discipline, our small community here in Michigan, and what it means to come out this weekend and move with us:

  • Parkour is an urban discipline of movement where practitioners utilize their city
  • The Michigan Parkour community is supportiveopen, and welcoming, with practitioners representing a wide range of backgrounds, ages, and skill levels
  • The Michigan Parkour Jam is completely FREE to attend.
    • Safety is our number one priority.  We will have first-aid/cpr certified instructors supervising the event
    • Practitioners from across the country travel to Michigan to experience our city and interact with our community
    • We encourage the free sharing of knowledge, and will be offering workshops and talks to the attending public.
    • This event is "First-Timer friendly."  Today can be your first day!