Parties & Events

An unforgettable birthday

You'll get parent brownie points for this one, we promise. Our coaches can run a party at a park near you or in your yard. Kids will discover their strengths, play fun movement games with their friends and push themselves to meet challenges head on. Check out this photo album from one of our parkour birthday parties and email us to discuss what we can do to make your child's day extra special.


Expect a fun, active event that promotes collaboration, creative thinking, and playful competition while getting everyone moving and having an amazing time. The focus will be on your team and on using movement challenges to bring out everyone’s creativity and collaboration skills.

All challenges will be accessible, and we’ll have modifications no matter your age or level of fitness. Activities will be varied, and everyone will get to work on their own, with a partner and with multiple partners. Parkour is about overcoming obstacles using just what’s in front of you. And that’s what you do at work too! Sometimes an obstacle can seem insurmountable until you look it from a new angle. We’ll play with that concept and help you get back to work rejuvenated and ready to tackle anything.

A special EVENT that wows your audience 

From live performances and recorded media for global brands, to demonstrations and talks, we can bring the oomph you need for your next event.