Our Community


Love jumping on things or playing around? Don't quite find yourself at home in team-sports and traditional competitive athletics? Pretty much hate the gym? We are your people. We don't just love parkour, but movement in general, and approach training and fitness from a perspective of fun. We believe in finding your own path, and training to see the true potential of the human body!


Don't be shy! Everyone is welcome in our community. Whether you are 18 years old or 80 years young, brand new to movement with not a single push up under your belt or an experienced athlete with miles on the track, you will find a place with us.  We are a diverse community coming from all walks of life and movement backgrounds.


No voice too small! We believe in the power of the community and see that everyone brings an important perspective to our studio. We love to collaborate with others to not only improve what we do, but create brand new classes, programs, and projects.