Who We Are

The Movement Creative is a social enterprise dedicated to positively changing the city in which we live through parkour, movement education, and design.  

With public, private, and non-profit partnership, we are able to develop and provide a wide variety of accessible education opportunities, design-build unique play spaces for an inter-generational public, and create unique urban experiences that teach citizens how to live a more healthful and interactive life within their city.


  • Movement Education - We blend Parkour with other disciplines in order to create unique physical education that empowers students to take ownership of their movement, express their ideas, and shape their world. 
  • Architecture & Design - We challenge the notion that play must be restricted to defined spaces for defined ages and abilities.  Play is critical to social, emotional, and physical well-being and should be accessible across the city.  We build playgrounds and art installations that encourage inter-generational interaction.
  • Community Building - We take responsibility for the communities we are apart of. We pursue a wide range of social "do-good" projects with the goal to improve the lives of others in the city -- environmental cleanup, temporary playgrounds, free talks and workshops, clothing and book drives, and more.
  • Custom Experiences - Parkour is an extremely personal endeavor. One size does not fit all. We work closely with our clients to synthesize our skills with the values they hold close, to provide programming that truly reflects the interests of their community.


A city is more than just a place to live and work; It is a home to spaces for play, both defined and undiscovered. Parkour is an important element of everyday life, and through its practice, we are pushed to find new opportunities for interaction, creativity, and play in the places they have often overlooked.