The Movement Creative is a small but passionate social enterprise dedicated to bettering the world through movement.  Each member of our family is a leader in their own right, bringing their unique movement voice and a vision for a better city. Together, our family is full of caring teachers and reflective practitioners, thoughtful designers and creative builders.  We are photographers, travelers, warriors, and partners, and above all, we love what we do.

Visiting Voices

Believing in the power of shared knowledge, Movement Creative frequently invites outside voices to join our team to teach classes, run workshops, interact with the community, and share their unique perspective on Parkour, Play, and the City.

Work With us

We love interesting movement, creative thinkers, and unique vision.  Irregardless of whether or not you do Parkour, we want to hear your voice!  If you are interested in joining our team, reach out to us here!