This is the group to train with if you’re looking for serious progression in strength and technique. There is a brilliant set of knowledgeable teachers, a friendly and accepting atmosphere, different training areas every week so to stimulate your mind and body, and an incredible amount of fun to be had every time.

Training with the Movement Creative has made me better at parkour, but has also made me stronger and smarter for martial arts and gymnastics, as well as any other sport I would choose to do. It has really been awesome training with them this past six months and I wish I knew about it sooner!

I challenge anyone interested to come check it out, don’t be shy! It is incredibly easy for someone of any level to come and start, I guarantee you will learn a lot and become stronger mentally and physically for anything you may choose to do in life.

Don’t Hesitate!

Joseph Belcastro

the movement creative has changed my life for the better. i initially came because i wanted to get a good workout, and get my conditioning up for parkour. what i didn’t expect was to make such wonderful friends, and have some of the best times of my life. i can’t even begin to accurately explain what an amazing feeling it is to spend an evening meeting up at some beautiful location in the city (they change every week), and just enjoying this fun, creative workout as the sun goes down. this isn’t just any workout either, it’s creative and playful, and you really get to experience the pure joy that is your body’s movement. it’s also one of the toughest conditioning sessions i’ve ever been to, although there’s no ‘macho b.s.’. anyone can do this conditioning session, whether you’re an elite level freerunner looking to take your conditioning to the next level, or a middle-aged, out of shape guy or girl with a corporate day job, who’s looking for something more exciting than going to a gym. everyone there remembers their first session as well, and they’re super encouraging and supportive. if you come out, and stick with it, before long you’ll be doing things you never dreamed you’d be capable of. the hardest part is just making that decision to get out there and start moving.

Jonny Hart

I highly recommend this to anyone trying to get in shape. Jesse, Nikie, and Caitlan are extremely talented in Parkour with their extensive knowledge. I found this place by accident and am happy to be part of this team. Because of Parkour, I was able to lose a tremendous amount of weight, able to be more confident and had a lifestyle change.

Parminder Singh

The Movement Creative is more than just a group of instructors and what they provide for the community is more than just physical training. Through learning parkour under Movement Creative, I see the benefits beyond physical training translate into my personal life….How your mind can challenge your body to react without fear but with self-confidence….to approach obstacles in a creative and fun way…to move with efficiency and finesse (while looking like a bad-ass) in a world of non-judgement. If you want to look beyond the conventional gym class/fitness studio routine, i HIGHLy encourage everyone to check out one session. All it took for me when I had started last year was a one 15 minute intro workshop at Central Park to be sold into this movement. You can really start at any level.

I have nothing but great respect for Jesse, Caitlin, and Nikki. These instructors are driven by passion and purpose, acknowledging the community as one, while giving personal guidance if anyone ever requests it. Patient yet still demanding that everyone reach their absolute 100%. Seriously, they won’t necessarily yell at you to do something like a meathead trainer in the gym would. But you just don’t ever want to let them down either…Funny, how the chill/nice vibe works in everyone’s favor.
Jesse is the most experienced having practiced for 8 years and comes up with great games to work on technique. Caitlin and Nikki approach parkour with as much enthusiasm and are constantly smiling doing so.

They also pick the best places in NYC to train! I’ve practiced under their instruction at Bethesda Terrace, The Rings, Hamilton Fish Park, Tompkins Square Park, Heckschur Park, and East River Ampitheater to name just a couple. With that said, every session and exercise is obviously different. They say that “the city is your playground” and thats definitely the case. Yes, I now view scaffolding and building walls in a different light AND i have a much greater appreciation for nature and architecture. Thank you guys for that. Keep it up!!!

Tiffany Lin

I stumbled on this class a year ago in Central Park and I have loved it ever since. Jesse, Caitlin and NIkkie are all excellent teachers and great movers. As a beginner, they were always ready with substitutions for things I wasn’t comfortable with yet, and now as an intermediate they are extremely knowledgeable about the subtleties of moving well and in a healthy way. It’s not a stretch to say that this class has changed my life. I feel stronger and more confidant in the way I do everything with my body. It’s helped me at work and helped make the city a place I can play in. The atmosphere of the class is very accepting and welcoming. I like that they change locations every week in order to train different areas of the body and different skills. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to get stronger, period, beyond of course anyone interested in parkour!

Abe Dolinger

Went for my first session with these guys and gals and had a blast. We had a gentle warm up followed by exercises designed to increase limb and core strength as well as cardiovascular potential.

The more advanced exercises had variations with different levels of intensity allowing the user to determine his or her own level of difficulty. This was especially helpful for me as I’m nursing a shoulder injury and am still getting back to full strength.

We ended with a series of games that were fun as well as physically challenging. Everyone was extremely approachable, very friendly and eager to assist one another in learning the proper movements of the exercises. I would definitely recommend coming out and joining in a session if you’ve any interest in parkour/free running and want to develop your strength and mobility.

Brent Kope

I came across this fabulous group of instructors and Parkour practitioners while looking for a way for a friends son to get exercise. This meeting changed the way I think about exercise. A Parkour workout will exercise your entire body in a single workout, and Jesse, Caitlin, and Nikkie keep the sessions varied and fun, although seldom easy.

I would recommend the Movement Creative to anyone of any age. I found that the patient instruction, and assistance of the more advanced Traceurs allowed me to push myself up to my limit, and beyond, in a controlled atmosphere. The most fun that I have had working out in a long time

Richard Jones

This is the most awesome, vibrant and welcoming parkour community in the NYC area. I first started training with them last summer, and with an emphasis on tough conditioning, the sessions really pushed my body and helped me get stronger. The exercises always vary, and the instructors often improvise to come up with new and creative workouts depending on the spot we visit. The best part though is the sense of community and mutual respect.

The instructors are excellent teachers but also act as students themselves, partaking in all the training we do. Jesse has an incredible sense of flow and moves with inspiring precision and grace. Nikkie is always coming up with creative and surprising challenges for us to tackle (especially when it comes to bars of some sort). I don’t know Caitlin as well, but she seems to be very good at explaining the intricacies of each excercise and helps us understand them better. All are equally friendly and helpful and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better!

I haven’t been to the Bklyn Beast classes, but the Tuesday Getstrong sessions are the highlight of my week and I always leave with a sense of satisfaction (and physical exhaustion, but that’s good too!) I highly recommend joining us sometime, especially in the winter when the cold makes things particularly fun. Hope to see you there!

Ed Akselrud


Movement creative is as best as it can get for learning Parkour, I have worked with both Jesse and Caitlin and they took this 50 year old and through patient, attentive instruction they had me climbing, vaulting, balancing, jumping through monkey bars and swinging, and vaulting over high ropes and bars to land on my feet. I’ve increased my strength, agility and overall fitness level as they put me through the paces of parkour. At 50 I’m running through obstacles with people half my age and I am doing well. I thought those days were long behind me but they’ve proven that through proper training and the right instructors the sky is literally the limit. I’ve taken up the Movement Creative challenge, and I’m not looking back Why not join us!!

Serafin R