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Single - $35

10-Pass - $280


Membership is a personal pledge to prioritize your movement as a path towards a sound mind, a strong body, and a healthy community. In turn, we pledge to help you rise to your challenges, conquer obstacles, and achieve your goals.



Community Supporter

Love what we do?
Community membership is a donation that helps us bring movement to life through free-to-the-public events, activation, and design installations.

  • Unlimited access to community training sessions.
  • Support free-to-the-public events, design projects, and high-need programming that brings movement to all.
  • 5% Store Discount

Master Mover

Dedicated to growth?

Commit to your path of mastery. Real growth takes energy, attention, and time.

  • Unlimited access to classes and community training sessions.
  • 10% Store discount.


Personal Training

Take your movement to the next level, but on your time and your turf.  With 1-1 Coaching, we work with you to identify goals and challenges, and then guide you to self-sufficiency.  

$300 - Movement Creative Founder
$150 - Certified Instructor
$70 - Apprentice

You & Your Friends

Ditch the gym, grab a friend, or three, and have a mini group class right in your own neighborhood park. Same rates as Personal Training for up to 4 people.  

Send us your name and email address and we will get back to you to schedule your first lesson