We Resonate with the Curious and Creative

Exploring and Learning through Parkour and Play.

Whether new or experienced, our camps and classes will get kids challenging themselves, and each other. 

Book in advance to save $5! ($35 per class at location)




Challenging Fun For Everyone

Parkour Fundamentals

Who ever said you couldn't be strong like superman? In this class we will work hard together to build strength, balance, and agility while mastering parkour and urban movement.  

Umpire Rock, Central Park (Map)
SAT 10AM - 11 AM

Rockefeller Park, TriBeCa (Map)
SAT 10AM - 11 AM


Technique & Flow

Each class takes a deep dive into a specific parkour technique and how it fits into your movement practice.  We’ll look at a move, break it down into different attributes and work on integrating it smoothly into your existing movement vocabulary.  

This is a class that can work for all skill levels to increase your movement vocabulary and practice.

Rockefeller Park, TriBeCa (Map)

Games - All Ages

Our movement games class is all about developing movement and community through a variety of games that challenge different movement capacities.

Each class we’ll explore a different movement theme through community games and play.
Expect to learn, play, and learn more about games than you knew there was to learn. Each class is spent on 4 or 5 different games.

This class is great for parents and kids to take together and for anybody looking to have fun while moving.

Umpire Rock, Central Park (Map)
SAT 11AM - 12PM
Rockefeller Park, TriBeCa (Map)
SAT11AM - 12PM

Parkour Adventure After School
Mondays and Fridays,
April 8th - June 15th

M & F: Columbus Circle, Central Park
M: JJ Walker, Greenwich Village
F: 52 Walker St. Indoor Gym, TriBeCa


In Parkour Adventure you will learn and refine your parkour skills, while playing games, building teams, and traveling to different parks and playgrounds in your neighborhood. 

By learning and honing techniques in different locations with unique obstacles and challenges, you’ll practice risk assessment, and train to apply the skills you gain here anywhere you go.

Explore with friends do discover your limits, face your fears, and learn through parkour and play. 

$45 for each sesssion.

Try out your first class for $30 without before committing to the entire semester! 


Columbus Circle, parkside,
Central Park

Rockefeller Park, TriBeCa (Map)


Columbus Circle, parkside,
Central Park

James J. Walker Park,
Greenwich Village

We Meet Rain or Shine!

24 Hours before class you'll be notified if there is change in drop-off location due to weather. 

Central Park Rainy Day Location

We will meet at the Time Warner Cable Center, and head to Bethesda Terrace so we can be outside and out of the rain.