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This project was first discovered through a conversation with Thomas Videbæk - who suggested putting challenges around a park through QR codes. A couple years later Jesse got to do that with PS3 in NYC as a part of his Artist in Residence there.

Years later, still inspired, Jesse got to do it at a danish elementary school Hashøjskolen. This school was just around the corner from Gerlev Idrætshøjskole where he majored in Parkour and also got to participate in FIL (Fremtidens Idrætsleder/Future Sports-leader) taught by Morten Zacho.

Jesse teamed up with Andreas Kappel in the sports-leader program and they both got help from Stefano Sardano, a parkour athlete from Italy to put the challenges together. From there they were hosted on Instagram: and QR codes were hidden around the school with links to the challenges and a tracker to see how often they get used.

The purpose of the project is to inspire movement and exploration, to show interesting new ways to use old structures, and to engage more fully in the physical world through using the digital world.

We would love to do this project more, to change it and to grow it - if you are interested please reach out to Jesse directly at