Little Ninja Parkour Adventure Camp

Little Ninja Parkour Adventure Camp

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Movement Creative is teaming up with Weena Pauly from ReConnect to offer our smaller people an outdoor parkour adventure camp! Each day we will explore, experience and expand our three themes: Movement, Observation and Community.

1) Movement: We will explore basic parkour skills, climbing, jumping safely, risk assessment, coordination and agility. We will use our indoor pop up equipment and park spaces nearby.

2) Observation: We will use our senses to observe what is in our different environments. We will learn about things nearby that grow, things that are human-made and unseen forces such as light and wind. We will also learn what it means to observe ourselves and each other with the same kind of curiosity.

3) Community: Not only will we build our camp community with friendship and support, we will also talk about the communities we interact with daily around our city and in our parks and how to participate with kindness and creativity.

Each day will start at 9am at 440 Lafayette with a group circle up where we connect to each other and our bodies and end at the same location at 1pm where we will circle up and integrate the day’s learning.

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