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June 17th - August 30th

Ages 7-13

Every Week of Summer

Monday - Friday
STEM Projects 3PM - 5PM

2 Locations Everyday

Columbus Circle, Central Park
440 Lafayette, Astor Place
Campers travel to different spots everyday

Specialty Weeks Available

CIT (Coach-in-Training)
Advanced STEM Projects
Overnight Camp

More Than Just Day Camp…

Our Core Coaches have over a decade of parkour experience as athletes and coaches.

All of our coaches maintain an active parkour practice. Because we are dedicated to creating careers for our coaches, they are among the highest paid-per-hour coaches in the United States.

We have the lowest injury rate of all parkour organizations in the United States.

We practice Choose Your Own Challenge and ask ourselves: Is it safe? Is it fun? Is it challenging? Are we learning something? All coaches are adult and pediatric first-aid/AED/CPR certified and carry a first aid kit.

We are the only organization in New York City that is insured to teach parkour in public parks and playgrounds.

We actively work with the NYC DOT and Parks and Recreation departments to provide free parkour programming to communities through parks and playground activations and neighborhood celebrations.


No 5pm Uptown Pick-up. Drop off Uptown at 9am, Pick up Downtown at 5pm.


Uptown & Downtown Pick-up available at 3pm.


Legacy Students have attended a previous Summer Camp.

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What Happens Next?

Our Team will contact you to complete:

  • A Profile

  • A Waiver

  • A Medical form

What does my child need?

  • Completed Paperwork

  • A Hands-Free Backpack

  • A Large Water Bottle

We supply 2 free Parkour shirts each Summer.

Learn About Our Day


Uptown & Downtown Campers meet at a different spot each day to train together. We warm-up and practice our parkour vision to find opportunities for movement from the environment. After a light snack we focus our lesson on a specific skill or technique.


After reflecting as a group on our morning exercise, we have lunch followed by guided free-time. Campers play and adapt games to better fit the location and practice their morning techniques through play. After a light snack we travel back to the pick-up location.


Early pick-up is available from 3p-3:15p Uptown & Downtown. Full day students break into smaller groups to focus on one of our STEM learning Projects: Playground Design, Game Design, Orienteering, Comic Art & Anatomy, Improv & Storytelling.



Specialty Weeks

Overnight Camp

AGES 11 - 15 - Tolland, MA (2.5 - 3 hours from NYC)

Join us for our first ever overnight week! Campers spend half the day with our founder Jesse honing their parkour skills on our pop-up kit and half the day enjoying Kinderland’s activities and beautiful campus. Purchase a ride there or back for an additional $50 each way. Financial aid & Payment plans available. Contact us:

⮑ Learn More

Nestled in the green hills and forests of Tolland, Massachusetts, the wonderful Camp Kinderland is an oasis for children that embodies social justice, community, play, and rigorous outdoor exploration. For the 4 th year in a row, Jesse will bring his pop-up playground set to this unique setting and engage campers in building an ultra-cool parkour park. Children can then play on this set, changeable each day, learning and practicing an abundance of physical challenges and parkour skills.

Jesse will introduce campers to slack-lining, and how to use the natural surroundings for vaulting, climbing, balancing, and swinging. As children work together over the course of the week, they will learn valuable team building and playground design skills. Throughout the week campers will sleep in rustic cabins with a cozy, old summer camp vibe. There will be traditional camp activities daily such as hiking, swimming, night time campfires, and reflective circles.

This will be an invaluable opportunity for children to gain confidence in their physical skill set while exploring nature in a nurturing and warm social environment.

August 11th-17th

Registration is completed through Camp Kinderland after purchase is complete. Packing list will be available soon.

Coach in Training

June 24th - 28th
July 29th- August 2nd

9am - 3pm $600
9am - 5pm $750

AGES 13 - 15

Is your teen interested in learning coaching skills and upping their parkour training? Completing CIT is the first step towards joining us as a junior coach in future programs.

Campers spend the first half of the day in a small group training with a coach to develop their parkour skills, teaching techniques, and teamwork. The second half of the day CIT participants assist coaches in running the afternoon activities with the rest of the camp. Students must have taken a class or private lesson and be approved by a coach to join the CIT Program. Please fill out our form to apply.

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We offer different STEM projects every afternoon of summer. Some weeks feature a special focus on one of our topics, which builds on our daily projects and last year’s curriculum.

Advanced Orienteering

July 8th - 12

Insect & Wildlife Week

July 15th- 19th

Advanced Art through Parkour

July 22nd -26th

Games Week

August 5th - 9th

STEEP ROCK - Rock Climbing Bundle

$1,800 2-Week Combo COMING SOON