School’s Out Holiday Camps


Our Camp days are spent traveling to different neighborhoods in NYC that we may not see in our afterschools and regular classes.

Participants practice problem-solving and adaptation through finding fun and challenging movements in every new space we visit.

When the group agrees that the weather is too severe, we stay inside to work on our playground design skills, using our Pop-Up Kit to build our own obstacle courses and explore what makes spaces safe, inviting, and challenging.

  • We provide snack

  • Please pack a lunch, a water bottle, and wear sensible clothing for movement.

  • Even when we are in an indoor space we may still go outside.
    Please read our Cold Weather Guide, and dress appropriately for the weather.

  • Buy an 8-pack and we'll contact you to reserve your dates.



Pick up and drop off are at EXPG Gym, (27 2nd ave.)

01/21/18 Monday (sign up)

02/18/18 Monday (sign up)
02/19/18 Tuesday (sign up)
02/20/18 Wednesday (sign up)
02/21/18 Thursday (sign up)
02/22/18 Friday (sign up)


Pick up and drop off are at Columbus Circle, (UWS), & Washington Square Park, (Downtown).

04/19/18 Friday (UWS) (Downtown)
04/22/18 Monday (UWS) (Downtown)
04/23/18 Tuesday (UWS) (Downtown)
04/24/18 Wednesday (UWS) (Downtown)
04/25/18 Thursday (UWS) (Downtown)
04/26/18 Friday (UWS) (Downtown)

05/27/18 Monday (UWS) (Downtown)

06/04/18 Tuesday (UWS) (Downtown)
06/06/18 Thursday (UWS) (Downtown)
06/11/18 Tuesday (UWS) (Downtown)