2019 - News12

Coaches and community members interviewed by News12

2018 - Crain’s NY

Jesse gave an interview for Crain’s New York Business page

2018 - Great Big Story

Team member Steve Zavitz and the NYC community featured in A Great Big Story’s narrative on Flip Rodriguez

2018 - PK One PKast

PK One invited Jesse to their PKast podcast to talk about The Movement Creative and his history with parkour.

2017 - Playable Design

Jesse and coach Brendon Trombley went to China to teach a workshop on parkour and game design



2017 - Petapixel

Photographer Ben Franke shot photos of Jesse and coach Melanie Hunt in formalwear across NYC



2017 - Bedford + Bowery

Spotlight on outdoor classes featuring soundbites from Jesse and members of the community



2015 - New York Times

Blog post from New York Times’ Well Book Club featuring author Christopher McDougall, author of the book “Natural Born Heroes”



2013 - The Feast

We were invited to The Feast’s 2013 event in NYC. Co-founder Caitlin Pontrella gave a brief talk on the benefits of parkour while Jesse and members of the Movement Creative community gave a live demonstration. Event attendees were also given an opportunity to try some basic parkour movements on our pop up set after the conclusion of the presentation.



2012 - Wall Street Journal

Jesse gave an interview and taught one of the hosts for Wall Street Journal’s “Off Duty” series.