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We Hang And Move!
Join us for Parkour and Snacks to celebrate movers all over the city. This Fall we're celebrating Ori's Birthday with our entire community.
This is a free event we offer once a season to get all of our students moving together and seeing new spots. Bring a friend and share challenges together.
Enter the park at 59th street or 68th street
Adults are welcome too! Register yourself as a child, because we are all children at heart!

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One $90 purchase includes 2 enrollments - one for you and your son.
-Additional children can be added at checkout for $30
-Please add any children attending to your profile so we have their information on file prior to class.

Combining physical movement, team building exercises and restorative circle discussions help boys understand how their actions impact themselves and others. Giving voice to their feelings and needs builds a crucial foundation for healthy self-esteem and relationships.

Classes promote:
Compassion, Empathy, Deeper Connections & Friendships
Emotional Fluency & Needs Literacy
Tolerance for Vulnerability
Understanding Actions Impact Self/ Others


We Build our Workshops for Our Members.

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