Parkour is a unique sport that helps develop physical coordination, strength, and agility while building a community through moving together. We typically train outside and utilize objects present in the environment (e.g., low walls, curbs, benches, stairs, and architectural features). Safety is a top priority, so  practice sites are thoroughly examined by the coaches to ensure obstacles are stable and there are no dangerous elements such as broken glass. Additionally, all of our coaches have gone through an extensive training and are both CPR and First Aid certified.

What will my kid learn?

Children will learn parkour building blocks (e.g. climbing, balancing, vaulting, jumping, and swinging) through direct instruction of specific skills, movement games, and challenges. As children develop these skills, they will be able to apply them in a variety of locations and settings. Students will work independently and collaboratively as they learn established games and even design their own.

What should my child wear/bring?

In parkour, we crawl on hands and feet, learn how to roll safely and efficiently, and climb walls and objects. We accomplish these tasks with an eye on safety and the understanding that we might get a little sweaty and dirty. Children should wear comfortable, athletic-type clothing, and athletic shoes (no boots or sandals) that are okay to get dirty. A draw-string bag can hold a reusable  water bottle, an extra sweatshirt or jacket for chilly weather, sunblock, lip balm, and other comfort essentials. Please provide a light snack that children can eat between the end of school and the start of the parkour session. We will work outside as much as possible, so students should pay attention to the weather forecast and plan accordingly (more on this in Seciton 6 below).

How are the transitions handled between the end of school and start of parkour and the end of parkour and pick-up at school?

Each class has a specific pick-up and drop-off location; see Sawyer or your welcome email for more information. Once attendance is taken, we head to our location for the day, so please let us know if you need to arrive late or pick up early.

Who’s the coach and how do I get in touch with him/her?

Before each semester of parkour class or parkour afterschool begins, you should receive an email with the names of your coaches and their phone numbers. Coaches can also be reached by message via Sawyer. Coaches travel and teach with phones on so that they may be reached in the event of an emergency or change in schedule, i.e. early pick-up from a location.

How is safety ensured?

Each parkour skill is taught as a progression, and coaches show students how to build on mastered skills. Coaches help students develop healthy movement patterns to increase efficiency and decrease the risk of chronic or sudden injury. However, minor scrapes and bruises are an expected consequence of healthy and robust physical movement in an outdoor environment. All Movement Creative coaches are adult/pediatric first-aid/CPR certified and carry a fully stocked first aid kit at all times, so those occasional scrapes can be cleaned and bandaged during classes. Our student/coach ratio reflects our commitment to safety.

What happens if it rains or when the temperature drops?

Rain greatly affects how we train. With attention and discipline, we can safely train in any weather condition, so we encourage our students to train outdoors in drizzle/light rain/scattered showers. There is value in learning how to safely move and play in less-than-ideal weather. Please consult our Cold Weather Guide for suggestions on how to dress for comfort and safety in these types of scenarios. In the event of a severe electrical storm, high winds, heavy rain, snow, or extreme temperatures, we have indoor spaces reserved.


Registration for our Parkour Adventure afterschools can be done via our schedule here. If you are interested in other camps or classes, you can view our full calendar here.

We look forward to a fantastic season of exploring the world with parkour!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please communicate directly with your child’s coaches any health issues, allergies, or dietary restrictions. We do provide snack during longer expeditions and sometimes might get a cup of hot chocolate on rainy days!